Discovery for all getaway in Montréal

icone days 2 days

icone km 3 km

icone region Montréal

  • circuit-montreal-decouverte

Have fun while you discover and learn about the beautiful city of Montréal! You can stay at one of the suggested accommodation establishments and eat at any of the inviting restaurants to suit your taste and pocketbook.

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4 establishments

Agritourism getaway in the Laurentians

icone days 1 days

icone km 54 km

icone region Laurentians

  • circuit-laurentides-agro

This region’s four-season resorts have made it a leader in North America and worldwide. Such prestige positioning is due to the excellence and variety of its accommodations as well as an outstanding array of leisure pursuits in superb natural settings.

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6 establishments

Family educational itinerary

icone days 2 days

icone km 112 km

icone region Centre-du-Québec

  • circuit-educatif_large-cdq

The Centre-du-Québec family tour is both educational and entertaining! Plan your journey at your own pace, and choose the type of accommodation that suits you. Enjoy a picnic in one of the parks, or savour affordable Québec fare at any of the suggested restaurants!

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5 establishments

Two-day new France itinerary

icone days 2 days

icone km 4 km

icone region Québec

  • circuit-qc-nouvelle-france

Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Québec City is North America’s only fortified city. Abounding with treasures, it is much more than a museum town; inside the walls of Old Québec and beyond, a host of gourmet experiences, events, and cultural, sporting and commercial activities awaits you.

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3 establishments

Family discovery itinerary

icone days 2 days

icone km 107 km

icone region Québec

  • circuit-qc-famille-decouverte

Île d’Orléans is Québec’s biggest heritage site. The New France Route, one of the oldest arteries in North America connecting Old Québec with the Côte-de-Beaupré, is punctuated by points of interest. Enjoy the resort areas and outdoor activities that abound in the Jacques-Cartier valley and its national park.

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8 establishments

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