Sanctuaire diocésain Notre-Dame de Pointe-Navarre

Church/Religious site

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  • One or more reserved parking spaces : 1_
  • No passageway between spaces
  • Parking space identification on the ground


  • Information panel about another accessible entrance
  • Information panel about an accesible entrance posted on the main entrance
  • Information panel on the accessible entrance posted in the parking lot
  • Access to entrance steeply sloped : 13,9%
  • Interior door sill too high  : 3cm
  • Outside door handle with thumb-latch pull
Salle de toilettes à cabinets multiples

Washrooms with multiple stalls

  • Steep sloop access to toilet room : 15,1%
  • Entrance: outside door knob handle
  • Sink: round handle faucets
  • Urinal rim too high : 66cm
  • Urinal: no grab bar
  • Accessible toilet stall: toilet bowl too near to the wall : 21cm
  • Accessible toilet stall: diagonal grab bar at the left : 65cm
  • Accessible toilet stall: vertical grab bar in the clear space area too low : 66cm


  • Shop adapted for disabled persons
  • Entrance: outside door handle with thumb-latch pull
  • 100% of shop accessible
  • Path of travel between display shelves exceeds 92 cm
  • Cash stand is too high : 95cm
  • Cash counter: no clearance
Lieu de diffusion

Exhibit area: Salle des pèlerins

  • Exhibit area accessible with help
  • 100% of paths of travel accessible
  • Reserved seating located at front
  • Reserved seating located at back
  • Entrance: exterior door sill too high : 4cm
  • Entrance: outside door handle with thumb-latch pull
  • Entrance: inside door knob handle
  • All seating accessible to disabled persons