Artisans du Sable- Économusée de la sculpture sur sable

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907, chemin de la Grave , L'Île-du-Havre-Aubert, G4T 9C8, Québec


  • Exterior parking lot
  • Less than 25 available parking spaces
  • Coarse gravel ground
  • No parking space for handicapped persons


  • Main entrance
Salle de toilette à cabinet unique

Washroom with one stall

  • Inacessible toilet room
  • More than two steps : 2marches
  • No ramp
  • Inadequate clear width door : 70cm
  • Outside door knob handle
  • The door is not easy to lock.
  • Switch too high : 1,4m
  • Toilet bowl too far from the wall : 33cm
  • No clear floor space on the side of the toilet bowl
  • Toilet seat height: between 40 cm and 46 cm
  • No grab bar near the toilet
  • Sink too high : 94cm
  • No clearance under the sink


  • Shop accessible with help
  • Some sections are non accessible
  • 50% of shop accessible
  • Cash stand is too high : 106cm
  • Cash counter: no clearance
  • Checkout counter: removable card payment machine