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Vacation Resort

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503, chemin du Carrefour, G0A 4E0, Québec
Salle de toilettes à cabinets multiples

Washrooms with multiple stalls

  • Accessible toilet room
  • Inadequate clearance under the sink : 60cm
  • Sink: round handle faucets
  • Accessible toilet stall: stitled seat : 50cm
  • Accessible toilet stall: horizontal grab bar at the left
Cabine d’habillage

Changing cubicle

  • Changing cubicle adapted for disabled persons
  • Changing cubicle: restricted surface area : 0,80m x 0,90m
Cabine de douche

Shower stall

  • Shower stall adapted for disabled persons
  • Roll-in shower (shower without sill)
  • Shower: round faucets
  • Shower: hand-held shower head support located near faucets
  • Shower: removable transfer bench available


  • Entrance: outside door knob handle
  • Entrance: inside door knob handle
  • Kitchen counter too high : 90cm
  • Kitchen counter: no clearance under counter

Room: Pavillon

  • Bedroom adapted for disabled persons
  • Single bed
  • Bed: top of mattress between 46 cm and 50 cm
  • Bed: clearance under bed
Salle de bain

Bathroom: Pavillon

  • Bathroom adapted for disabled persons
  • The door is not easy to lock.
  • Toilet bowl too near from the wall : 17cm
  • Bathtub too high  : 52cm
  • Bathtub: round faucets
  • Bathtub: hand-held shower head higher than 1.2 m : m
  • Bathtub: removable transfer bench available
  • Bathtub: grab bar on back wall too high  : 53cm


  • No information panel about another accessible entrance
  • Entrance: access ramp: handrail too high  : 105cm
  • Entrance: exterior door sill too high : 4cm
  • Entrance: inside door sill too high : 4cm
  • Building adapted for disabled persons
Intérieur de l’établissement

Inside of the establishment

  • Access to the pool deck