You are looking for support or care services during activities outside the home, tour or travel? Here are some resources to discover.

Some tips: before going on a trip with a companion, be sure to define your own needs, and make sure you know what this person is willing to provide. It is also probably better to meet the person for a shorter activity in advance to determine if they have the skills to meet your needs, and also to check if you have affinities with them.


Travel-Assistant is a personalized support when traveling. This service is for everyone who needs help before, during and after a trip. Travel-Assistant is always by your side to make your stay easier at the cottage, in the area or when traveling abroad.

514 206-8670 ou [email protected]

Bayshore Home Health

Canadian company dedicated to enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of Canadians in their home.

Phone: 514 879-5657 or 1 800 322-9228



Domilia is a platform where people with reduced mobility can choose their care and support staff. Through an advertisement presenting your needs, you can be put in contact with a professional able to answer them.

Ex æquo

Montréal organization dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of people with a mobility disability. Ex aequo manages a group of beneficiary attendants. One of them might be able to travel with you if they uses the service employment paycheck and under other conditions. The website is currently under construction.

Phone: 514 288-3852

Service managers : Rose-Marie Wakil (#224) et Noémie Racine (#227)


PIMO offers accompaniment services to adults in the Montreal area who have motor impairment and promotes the right to support for all those who are unable to go out alone. Only the territory of Montreal is covered.

Phone : 514 288-9775

Quiétude chez soi

Quiétude chez soi staff offer a range of services tailored to meet your needs during your travels in Québec and elsewhere: getting up and going to bed, getting around, getting dressed, personal hygiene, bathing, help eating, transfers and positioning, etc. Discount of 10% on escorted travel packages for Kéroul members.

Phone: 450 907-1591

Servir +

Offers top-quality home and facility health care, support and social services.

Phone: 450 448-1888 or 1 800 264-1888