Two-day cultural itinerary

icone days 2 days

icone km 40 km

icone region Outaouais

  • circuit-culture-duo

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and this cultural tour gives you access to historic sites, iconic buildings, museums and more!

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Discovery for all getaway in Laval

icone days 1 days

icone km 14 km

icone region Laval

  • circuit-decouverte-laval

Discover and experience some magical moments along Laval’s tourist route. Benefit from a vast selection of restaurants and accommodations to suit all tastes!

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Two-day entertainment getaway

icone days 2 days

icone km 20 km

icone region Montréal

  • circuit-montreal-divertissement-duo

Montréal combines a distinctive European charm with North American eclecticism. Celebrating its 375th birthday in 2017, the city is a patchwork of diverse and cosmopolitan districts. Art lovers will thrill to the top-notch exhibitions on view at the Museum of Fine Arts or—if your tastes run toward modern art—the Musée d’art contemporain.

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Culture itinerary

icone days 7 days

icone km 600 km

icone region MontréalQuébecCharlevoix

  • circuit_culture-tour_large

On this tour of seven days, not only will you visit the best museums, architectural sites  and most significant historic sites, but you will encounter a fascinating world of artists and craftspeople.

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Two-part agritourism getaway in Montérégie

icone days 1 days

icone km 132 km

icone region Montérégie

  • circuit-agro-monteregie

Bordering the Circuit du paysan (Countryman’s Tour), this agritourism itinerary will give you a taste of an incredibly diverse array of Québec products. From among the suggested restaurants, choose those best suited to your tastes and budget!

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