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Entrée / Entrance
Toilette Toilette Toilette

Resto Pub Halabolina


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897, route 199, Grande-Entree, G4T 7B3, Québec


  • Exterior parking lot
  • Dirt ground
  • No parking space for handicapped persons


  • Main entrance
  • Coarse gravel walkway to the entrance
  • More than two steps : 4marches
  • Fixed ramp
  • Narrow manoeuvring space in front of the ramp : m x m
  • Ramp with the top sill too high : 3cm
  • Access ramp: handrail on one side only
  • Exterior door sill too high  : 4cm
  • Outside door handle with thumb-latch pull
Salle de toilette à cabinet unique

Washroom with one stall

  • Toilet room: help offered for handicapped persons
  • Hard to open door
  • Door lock too high : 1,37m
  • Toilet bowl too far from the wall : cm
  • Narrow clear floor space on the side of the toilet bowl : cm
  • No grab bar at right of the toilet
  • Clearance under the sink: larger than 68.5 cm

Food service

  • Food service accessible with help
  • Table height: between 68.5 cm and 86.5 cm
  • Inadequate clearance under the table : 62cm
  • Table service available
  • Bill to pay at the rable