Auberge Capissisit


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1, rue Wastawskotaw Meskino, Oujé-Bougoumou, G0W 3C0, Québec


  • One or more reserved parking spaces : 1_


  • Main entrance
  • Automatic Doors

Inside of the establishment

  • Ticket office desk too high : 113cm
Salle de toilettes à cabinets multiples

Washrooms with multiple stalls

  • Washroom : accessible with help
  • Sink too high : 93cm
  • Inadequate clearance under the sink : 66cm
  • Mirror too high : 1,04m
  • : 1cabinet(s) de toilette aménagé(s) pour les personnes handicapées / 1cabinet(s)
  • Accessible toilet stall: more than 87.5 cm of clear space area on the side
  • Accessible toilet stall: horizontal grab bar at right located between 84 cm and 92 cm from the ground

Food service

  • Food service designed for handicaped persons
  • All sections are accessible.
  • Inadequate clearance under the table
  • Cash stand is too high : 111cm
Lieu de diffusion

Exhibit area: Salle de conférence

  • Ground floor
  • Exhibit area adapted for disabled persons
  • Capacity : 100personnes
  • All seating accessible to disabled persons


  • Bedroom adapted for disabled persons
  • 1 bed
  • Bed: top of mattress between 46 cm and 50 cm
  • Bed: no clearance under bed
  • Room furnishings can be moved if necessary
  • Telephone equipped with volume control or indicator light
  • Flashing fire alarm
Salle de bain


  • Bathroom accessible with help
  • Transfer zone on side of toilet restricted : 78cm
  • Toilet seat height: between 40 cm and 46 cm
  • Clearance under the sink: larger than 68.5 cm
  • Standard bathtub without shower
  • Bathtub too high  : 55cm
  • Bathtub: hand-held shower head support located near faucets
  • Bathtub: no transfer bench available
  • Bathtub: grab bar on back wall: horizontal
  • Bathtub: grab bar near faucets: horizontal
  • Bathtub: grab bar on wall in front of faucets: vertical