Auberge Saint-Antoine


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8, rue Saint-Antoine, Québec, G1K 4C9, Québec


  • Valet service
  • Interior parking lot


  • No information panel about another accessible entrance
  • Automatic Doors
  • Main entrance
  • No information panel about a possible accessible entrance
  • More than two steps : marches
Salle de toilette à cabinet unique

Washroom with one stall

  • Toilet room accessible for handicapped persons
  • Larger than 87.5 cm clear floor space on the side of the toilet bowl
  • Horizontal grab bar at right of the toilet: too low : 66cm
  • Vertical grab bar at left of the toilet height: between 84 cm and 92 cm

Food service: Chez Muffy

  • Food service designed for handicaped persons
  • Table service available
  • Room service
Centre de santé

Health centre

  • In-room massage service offered

Room: 215 - 314

  • Located at : 2étage
  • Bedroom accessible with help
  • Clear width of room door insufficient : 75cm
  • Room door latch too high  : 1,48m
  • Wardrobe: hanger bar too high  : 1,9m
  • Room furnishings can be moved if necessary
  • Television with subtitles
Salle de bain

Bathroom: 215 - 314

  • No door outside handle
  • Sliding doors
  • Horizontal grab bar right of toilet too high : 112cm
  • Vertical grab bar at left of the toilet height: between 84 cm and 92 cm
  • No clearance under the sink
  • Bathtub too high  : 53cm
  • Bathtub: hand-held shower head higher than 1.2 m : m
  • Bathtub: removable transfer bench available
  • Bathtub: no grab bar on wall in front of faucets