Culture itinerary

icone days 7 days

icone km 394 km

icone region MontréalQuébecCharlevoix

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On this tour of seven days, not only will you visit the best museums, architectural sites  and most significant historic sites, but you will encounter a fascinating world of artists and craftspeople.

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Nature itinerary

icone days 8 days

icone km 813 km

icone region MontréalQuébecOutaouaisCôte-Nord

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In addition to explore Québec’s great outdoors, you will be in direct contact with nature and get some fresh air. Make some discoveries and recharge your batteries! This eight-day tour includes natural attractions, hiking trails and canyons, traditional Native American sites, and many more.

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Family nature itinerary

icone days 2 days

icone km 70 km

icone region Outaouais

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Enjoy a family tour and discover nature at its best in the beautiful Outaouais region. Sports and outdoor activities for the whole family!

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Two-day cultural itinerary

icone days 2 days

icone km 12 km

icone region Outaouais

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Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and this cultural tour gives you access to historic sites, iconic buildings, museums and more!

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Nature and culture for all itinerary

icone days 2 days

icone km 110 km

icone region Québec

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Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré is known for its popular Shrine and the Sainte-Anne Museum. In Beaupré, trails run along Canyon Sainte-Anne allowing visitors to explore slopes and rocks 1.2 billion years old, on both steep banks of the Rivière Sainte-Anne-du-Nord.

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